Red Maple

This cold-hardy maple is native to PEI. Red maple grows faster than Norway or sugar maple but more slowly than silver maple. It has attractive, smooth light-grey bark and shiny green leaves, with a silvery underside. In the spring showy red flowers appear and develop into pink tinged samara. The leaves, flowers and samara all have tinges of red, making for nice contrast. In the Fall the leaves put on a display of brilliant red colour, with some gold. Red maple can live up to 80 years of age.


3-4 Feet




50-60 Feet


30-40 Feet


Upright Oval


Cold – Wet Conditions – Wind


Shiny green – deeply lobed – reddish stalks and silvery underside

Height Container
3-4 Feet 5 Gallon

Preferred Site
Full sun. Average to moist soils and will tolerate wet soils. Prefers slightly acid soil and does not tolerate alkaline soil. Some tolerance of urban pollution.

Maintenance Notes
Prune in winter after the coldest days passed or between mid-July and end of August.

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