Why Arbor Nursery?

What makes our Trees and Shrubs different?

Production Method

Most of our stock is grown in so called root bags – large special mesh fabric bags designed to contain much of the root structure of the plant within the bag, yet allowing the small hair roots to grow outside of the bag, thus eliminating circling roots – a major problem with containers. The ends of the roots confined to the bag develop carbohydrate rich nodules. Once the bag is removed, these nodules power root growth and promote fast establishment of the tree in a new location. The trees are mostly dug to order, as we can lift the bags during most of the season. You will get a fresh tree, free of stress caused by long period of storage. The root bag system allows the root ball to be concentrated in a smaller mass than with the Ball & Burlap method. Trees grown in root bags are lighter and easier to handle for customers than B&B or large trees grown containers.

Our Seedling Stock

Most of our stock is grown from seed or cuttings or purchased from sources in the same climactic zone, and then acclimatized for at least three years at our nursery location.


As our trees flex in the wind, the caliper of their trunks increases, the trees become more robust and develop more resistance to breakage. As the trees face our cold winters, they develop higher sugar concentration in the wood and light levels encourage leaf growth that is in proportion to the overall plant.

All this makes our trees more robust, more resilient and better structured than trees imported over long distances from an entirely different climate and pushed into fast growth using chemical fertilizers. We believe that our trees will establish faster and will thrive in the Atlantic Canadian climate.

The All-in Price Advantage

The prices of our trees are comparable to the prices of the large scale Southern Ontario growers, but for the customer in Atlantic Canada – in addition to the other benefits listed above – there can be a major cost saving in terms of transportation costs when ordering from us. When comparing prices, do not forget to compare the full landed costs with our prices!

Shorter Transportation Time

Our trees are dug to order and will arrive fresh, after a short journey. Shorter journey equals less stress on the tree and faster establishment. And less stress on the environment – and your pocket book!

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