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Consulting Services

We have a lot of experience with sea side planting and development of wind-breaks. We will be happy to share our experience with you and consult on your project.


Large Scale Planting and Windbreaks

We are experts in designing and planting large windbreaks and hedge rows and have the specialized equipment necessary to plant windbreaks efficiently. If you purchase plants from us, we will be happy to either rent our planting machine to you or to handle planting of your windbreaks. Our planter can plant 250 seedlings of up to 4’ (1m) in height, per hour. We can also custom grow plants for your large scale planting needs.

Range of our Products and Services

Landscaping Trees – Native and Ornamental

Our sweet spot is production of beautiful trees, whether native to PEI or our region or ornamental, meaning they are grown for their beauty and their proven ability to adapt to the Maritime climate, although they are not native.

We produce trees from 6’ tall to 35’ tall and have trees available up to 45’ in height. In the horticultural industry, large trees are measured in caliper or stem diameter measured 15cm above ground and given in millimeters, and the trees we sell range from 30mm to 1,000mm being  between 1.5” and 4” caliper

We find that trees between 10’ to 15’ tall and having caliper between 40 and 70mm are most popular.

Salt and Wind Hardy Trees

Salt and wind hardy trees and shrubs suitable for sea-side planting.  Trees suitable for windbreak establishment on smaller and on large scale projects.

Trees and Shrubs

Full range of trees and shrubs native to Atlantic Canada and main horticultural varieties used in our region

Caliper Trees

Caliper trees in sizes from 30mm (1.5”) to 100mm (4”) with even larger specimen trees available

Nut and Fruit Bearing Trees and Shrubs

Ready for consumption or suitable for attracting wildlife and naturalization projects

Over 40 Species of Trees

Arbor Nursery is your PEI Tree Nursery


What our customers  are saying about our trees…

As PEI’s largest independant greenhouse, we are working with Arbor Nursery from Vernon Bridge for several years now. The quality of their trees, the service and support are excellent – highly recommended.
Chris Seemann

Jewell's Country Market

Have dealt with Arbor Nursery on numerous occasions. Very informative, professional, and accommodating. Always our go – to place for Trees.
Mark Tremere

Owner, Lawns & Beyond Landscape Solutions

The quality of Arbor Nursery’s trees and samplings I think are both a testament to the great care they put into nurturing their product but also a breadth and depth of knowledge in thier industry.  I learned so much from them prior to even making an order thanks to their experienced and knowledgeable staff.

Ben Russell

I met with Jan and Kevin at the nursery more than once before purchasing trees. They were obviously well informed and took the time to discuss the various tree varieties with me at the nursery and answered all of my questions. I would not hesitate to purchase from Arbour Nursery again. In fact I will be doing so this fall.

Brent Leinen

I have used Arbor nursery for tree stock for many urban projects in Charlottetown, Rustico and Summerside. We have been very happy with the quality of the trees. Many are grown in root bags which allows nutrients and moisture to reach the roots but keeps the roots inside the bag so there is little root loss on planting. Others are grown in large containers with irrigation. As well the trees are grown at the Penn Road site so they are adapted to PEI’s wind and salt. The quality and prices are good enough that I have also purchased stock for my own property.

Bruce Smith

Arbor Nursery has a great selection of trees and delivers excellent customer service!

Amanda Beazley

Arbor nursery became known to me through a initiative called the “Terry Fox Trail Enhancement project” in Cornwall. The vision was to plant an Acadian forest for educational purposes. Several of the species were difficult to source. Jan and Nursery Manager Kevin came to our assistance . The knowledge and support they provided for the project was heartening. The specimens provided were top quality and our survival rate has been 100%.

Years later I became reacquainted with Arbor Nursery through the Island Nature Trust.  The nursery has helped with advice and indeed the provision of native species for several projects. The Serenity Circle at the Jenkins Complex, is an example. This feature designed as a therapeutic setting for persons with PTSD shows specimens from Arbor Nursery thriving. Our Red Maples and Red Oak are off to a great start.

My family and I have also used Arbor Nursery for our properties. Again excellent products with great survival rates.

The quality of the products and the knowledge and passion of the staff will continue to bring me back to Arbor Nursery.

June Jenkins Sanderson