Red Pine

A dark green evergreen that has tight conical form while young and develops an open structure and picturesque branching as it ages. It is a very hardy tree that will prosper in a variety of soils and sites. It does become quite tall and especially broad so it needs space. It is a long lived tree, potentially living for hundreds of years. The bark which is red tinged from crown to base is what gives this tree its name.


3-4 Feet




115 Feet


21 Feet


Upright Spreading


Cold – Drought – Salt – Urban Conditions – Wind


Long dark green needles

Height Container
3-4 Feet 5 Gallon

Preferred Site
Full sun. Moist or dry soils of all types and pH levels. Tolerates drought, wind, salt, cold and urban conditions.

Maintenance Notes
Prune only to reduce candles or current year’s growth, if necessary. Prune to maintain single leader and cut large upward sweeping branches. Snow can cause breakage.