Red Oak

The red oak is the provincial tree of PEI. It is one of the fastest growing oaks and can live to 300 years under the right conditions. It usually has a strong leader and good, broad oval form. It is a fairly maintenance-free tree that is well adapted to the Maritime environment and is well equipped to weather our summer and winter storms and cold climate. The acorns are quite large and attractive and much loved by all types of wildlife. The strong and distinct structure of the red oak make it an excellent specimen for a garden or park setting and its gray bark and deep green leaves make a real statement. The brown or copper colors in the Fall contrast nicely with the grey bark and add to the Fall display in any planting.


8-10 Feet




70-80 Feet


70 Feet




Cold – Drought – Urban Conditions – Wet Conditions – Wind


Shiny green emerge from red buds

Height Container
8-10 Feet 15 Gallon

Preferred Site
Full sun, deep, moist and slightly acid soil.

Maintenance Notes
Prune in winter after coldest days passed.

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