Pin Oak

This is the fastest growing of the oaks and its tight, pyramidal habit and moderate size together with the high tolerance of urban pollution make this a popular tree. Pin oak can live to 300 years of age. The deeply furrowed bark and thick branches make this an impressive tree all year around, and the Fall color is spectacular. The name “Pin oak” derives from thin, needle-like branchlets that protrude from the trunk and branches. The deeply lobed leaves have bristle tips, indicating that this is a member of the red oak family. The light brown acorns are quite small, in keeping with the elegant shape of the tree. This is one of the most widely planted oaks in the North East US and increasingly popular in Canada as well.


8-10 Feet




70-80 Feet


40 Feet




Cold – Drought – Urban Conditions – Wet Conditions – Wind


Dark Green

Height Container
8-10 Feet 15 Gallon

Preferred Site
Full sun. Prefers loose, moist soil with pH of 6.0 – 7.0. Tolerates cold, wind and wet soil including standing water, highly tolerant of urban pollution.Soils >7 pH cause chlorosis.

Maintenance Notes
Prune late winter after coldest days passed.