Greenspire Linden

This is a smaller European linden tree than the native linden. It has an attractive pyramidal form and deep green leaves that turn yellow gold in the Fall. It produces fragrant yellow flowers in late Spring. It is a tree that is a good choice for a site needing a hardy and maintenance free medium sized tree that will also put on a display of flowers.


8-10 Feet




60 Feet


30 Feet


Tight Spire-like Pyramid


Cold – Salt – Urban Conditions – Wind


Bright green leaves with emerging leaves being lime green

Height Container
8-10 Feet 25 Gallon

Preferred Site
Full sun. Average to moist soil conditions although can tolerate dry sites. Tolerant of wind and a range of soils and pH levels and of urban conditions.

Maintenance Notes
Prune in winter after the coldest days passed. Wood is soft and bends in the wind, hence wind tolerant tree. Fan like shape – promote branches outside fan.