Glenleven Linden

This tree is similar in size and habit to little leaf linden and has a broader pyramidal form than Greenspire linden. This cultivar of linden has been in use for many years and is a well proven performer, with a strong leader and good structure. It produces fragrant yellow flowers in early summer, as all lindens. It is a moderately fast growing tree that is low maintenance and quite hardy. It reaches 70 years.


10-12 Feet




60 Feet


30 Feet


Spire-like Narrow Oval


Cold – Drought – Urban Conditions – Wet Conditions – Wind


Deep Green

Height Container
10 – 12 Feet 25 Gallon

Preferred Site
Prefers full sun, tolerates all types of soil and pH levels. Also tolerant of urban pollution and wind and salt.

Maintenance Notes
Prune in winter after the coldest days passed. Wood is soft and bends in the wind, hence tree is wind tolerant. Linden has naturally fan-shaped branching and radial branch coverage needs work.