Bur Oak

This is the hardiest oak, with high tolerance of cold and wind. It is a large and stately tree, with impressive trunk covered by deeply furrowed dark gray bark, and with thick lateral branching. The branches are covered by a cork-like bark, giving the tree quite unique appearance. The deep coppery purple Fall color is spectacular. A crop of acorns occurs every few years. The acorns are very large and loved by a broad range of wildlife but less by the urban dweller. This is a slow growing tree that will however live for several hundred years and provide real impact to any planting where it will have ample room to grow to its full, regal size.


8-10 Feet




90 Feet


90 Feet


Broadly Round


Cold – Drought – Urban Conditions – Wet Conditions – Wind



Height Container
8-10 Feet 15 Gallon

Preferred Site
Full sun. Average to moist soils but tolerates dry soil as well. Prefers acid soil. Tolerates cold, wind and urban conditions.

Maintenance Notes
Prune in late winter after coldest days passed.